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The drawing below on the left depicts the oversized electrode stock mounted in a standard, round holder and the machining dimensions to be programmed are listed there. This is done in order to cut the electrode to a predictable size and position relative to the Precision Gage Ball so that it can become a certified tool to be later programmed to position in the sinker EDM.  This will be done utilizing simple Gage Ball-electrode to Gage Ball-component relativity.

The drawing on the right shows the component features dimensioned to the Precision Gage Ball as well. As noted earlier, for both electrodes and components, Design, Programming, Machining and Inspection are all executed utilizing the same ADP-MI Precision Gage Ball numbers.  This practice is what saves a shop a great deal of overall time by largely increasing predictability, as shop personnel soon see. This results in their increasing ability to achieve the desired goal for shop personnel; to greatly reduce setup time and ultimately maximize head-down/untended time at the machines, decreasing delivery time and increasing company competitiveness in the offing.

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