Len Graham Consulting

Len Graham has worked in the industry over 40 years and understands that customers in the injection molding industry work with products and programs that require confidentiality.

Len Graham Consulting will sign and keep on file confidentiality agreements as required by our customers or potential customers. We understand an agreement must often be on file before quoting a program.

In addition, Len Graham Consulting requires that all subcontracting or industry related consultants working with us must sign a non-disclosure agreement from Len Graham Consulting as well as our customer, as directed by our customer.

All e-mail communication will carry our Confidentiality Notice which officially warns of mis-use. It reads:

Confidentiality Notice: This email transmission may contain certain confidential or legally privileged information that is intended only for the individual or entity named in the email address. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or reliance upon the contents of this email is strictly prohibited. If you received this email transmission in error, please reply to the sender, so that Len Graham Consulting can arrange for proper delivery, and then please delete the message from your inbox. Thank you.

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