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Would you like to do more to reduce moldmaking labor costs… to be profitable…. even as mold prices are dropping…. while maintaining high quality for your customers?

If so, perhaps you should read on…

  • Once initialized, Len Graham consulting will visit your facility to:
    1. Meet with you and/or your executive team to assure that you are aware of the levels of automation available.
    2. Interview you and/or your executive team to help determine the level of automation desired.
    3. Review the expected budget.
    4. Outline a plan to initiate.
  • In conjunction with the above, we will perform, as consigned:
    1. An in-depth study as to existing machinery compatibility to automation.
    2. An evaluation of your shop layout.
    3. Personnel evaluations to determine probability of successful transitioning toward the set direction.
    4. An audit of your present design and manufacturing methodology and how well it lends itself to automation principles.
  • After all data is consolidated and reviewed, we will follow with recommendations to accomplish your stated goals.
    1. We can further institute a program to guide your personnel which will enable them to take your company where you would like it to go with diminishing assistance from us in the future.
    2. Len Graham Consulting can advise the efficient setting up of multiple machine, robotic, machining sub-cells of your choice with the appropriate fixturing as well as a new manufacturing system to best utilize them..
    3. We can aid in establishing a shop-wide design and manufacturing infrastructure to assure maximum unmanned machining (untended) time is achieved overall. Meetings can be structured to help train personnel to accept the transition from one man-one machine to one man-multiple machines with precision lights-out night runs.
    4. Empowering people and establishing synergistic, cross-trained teams is strength of Len Graham consulting. As stated earlier, your key personnel can be instructed in the principles so they may continue the process in our absence. With your support, a departmental continuous improvement team system can be set up to facilitate an ongoing change-oriented company.
    5. A periodic evaluation schedule would be recommended to monitor and measure the progress.

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