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Customers have 2 options:

Extended use Customer:

If the Extended use option is selected up front, Len Graham consulting fees are discounted to $95.00 per hour local - plane travel not required - tracked in one-quarter hour increments or a flat $950.00 per day where plane travel is involved, plus expenses. This fee schedule applies when a minimum 150-hour yearly contract is selected.

After the Extended use option is selected, 25% or $3,562.50 plus expenses is payable 30 days after the purchase order date. Every 90 days 25% of the contract amount plus any amount over 150 hours is billed until all 4 quarters are billed. There is no requirement as to which quarter the 150 hours is used only that if not used 1 year from original purchase order date, any remaining time will be forfeited and billed. In requesting this discounted option, our customer agrees to cover the entire $14,250.00 plus expenses for the year.

Standard rates:

The standard rate for Len Graham Consulting services on an individual job basis is 135.00 per hour - 2 hour minimum per 30-day billing cycle (when there is activity) for local - or $1,350.00 plus expenses per day when traveling.


Expenses are defined as plane fare, ground transportation, hotels, meals, and any special, agreed upon expenses. Customers can opt to provide any combination of these, or simply reimburse Len Graham Consulting for them. Customers can also specify providers for these expenses, if so desired.

Flight travel times of more than 3 hours each way from the Omaha area should be expected to require that a 2-day minimum consulting fee be charged.

Standard hourly billing is done in one-quarter hour increments and is billed monthly. The minimum billing for any standard monthly account (with activity) will be 2 hours. Extended use hourly reporting is also done in one-quarter hour increments, with no set minimum. Statements are quarterly.

Phone calls are billed at the selected hourly rate, except discussing billing detail. Also, travel time to and from the office, generating reports, analyzing information, making recommendations, meetings, research, brainstorming, etc. are all considered billable time.

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