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Job initiation:

Once established by both parties that services would be beneficial, and what they will include, a project outline scope - as discussed - will be drafted, either by the customer or by Len Graham Consulting and confirmed by both through e-mail. A purchase order number, or equivalent, such as intent to hire Len Graham Consulting by initiating direction through work instructions, via e-mail and/or regular mail, is established. This will officially initiate a new job for us.

Simply put, Len Graham Consulting will accept a verbal or e-mail commitment, and follow up with e-mail that is believed to be the scope of the services requested by our customer. Our 2-way e-mail confirmation is all that is necessary for us to begin a job. We will consider the confirming e-mail a binding contract. Any further initializing criteria, such as an issued purchase order, required by the initiating company, will be honored as requested.

Any additions or corrections to the initial scope of any job underway will be e-mailed to the client for verification, as well.


Extended use Customers:

  • Extended Use Customers require 150 hours of service or more per year and are discounted to $95.00 per hour local and $950.00 per day where travel is required. Expenses are additional.
  • Yearly fee is billed quarterly. Excess of 150 hours is billed monthly, as it is reached.
  • Hours may or may not be used in one year, but a yearly fee is set and will be billed at the end of each one year period. However, it matters not which quarter hours are needed and used during any one-year contractual time frame.

Standard rates:

  • Standard rates are $135.00 per hour local and $1,350.00 per day with travel, plus expenses.
  • Hourly billing is 2 hours for a calendar month, minimum. Beyond that, fees are billed in quarter hour increments (obviously, consulting involving travel is billed daily, not hourly).


  • Expenses are not included in daily travel fee schedules. Customers can opt to provide these, select providers, and/or reimburse Len Graham Consulting for them.
  • Travel times of more than 3 hours each way from the Phoenix area will need to be charged a minimum two-day consulting fee.
  • Hourly billing starts at 2 hours per month (once initiated in any given month).

Job initiation:

  • Once agreed there is a job for us to do, we define a scope outline. The customer or Len Graham Consulting will send a verifying e-mail. A purchase order or e-mail to start is received by Len Graham Consulting and we begin, unless the customer requires more.
  • Additions to the original scope will be e-mailed to the customer for verification.

Thank you very much for your interest. We hope we will have the opportunity to prove we can be a valuable service to you and your company now and in the future.

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