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Areas of mold related expertise to be immediately offered include:

  • Representing engineers primarily from OEM’s to work in their best interest:
    • Working with their selected moldmakers in developing mold design concepts/features for optimized productivity. This may involve selecting the moldmaker, assisting in appropriate manifold selection (if applicable) and establishing appropriate mold pricing through clear specifications.
    • Evaluating existing molds slated for replacement to advise on features to reduce/eliminate previous issues and aid in reducing cycle.
    • Monitoring the moldbuilding process for quality and timely delivery.
    • Attending/monitoring/advising on mold qualification runs to production.
    • Troubleshooting existing problem molds in the field. This may include advising mold iterations for cycle improvements or insert modifications for high maintenance molds.
  • Working with moldmakers to promote automation implementation. Areas of manufacturing expertise include:
    • Automating 2-machine/1 robot sub cells for mold insert manufacture.
    • Integrating multiple sub cells.
    • Integrating an entire mold insert manufacturing site.
    • Developing a process to manage any of the above selections
    • Educating moldmaking personnel to be able to work as a team in the transition

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